5 Ways to Stay Abreast of Google Algorithm Updates

The search engine giant Google’s algorithm updates result in rankings instability. Then, unverified updates might also have a perceptible impact on your website’s rankings.

According to experts in the industry, there is a difference between essential updates and unsubstantiated updates. It is important to understand how much these updates have an effect on site rankings, whether it is monetary or the longevity of your website.

The updates also play a crucial role in deciding whether a website can grab the top three spots in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Experts in the SEO industry cite that websites hit hard by Google updates were mainly due to contradictory messaging and content, leading visitors to question the purpose of a particular site. Did any Google update affect your website? Did you know that more than 500 updates were rolled out over the years, a few insignificant, while the other essential algorithm updates? And these updates did hit sites in the form of penalties and affected rankings adversely. According to an article published on https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, for Google, these algorithm updates have been a mammoth task.

It is no cakewalk to change search engine algorithms casually in this age of digital competition. It calls for a lot of hard work, man-hours, testing, and the process is rife with risks because if anything is amiss, there is a risk of losing substantial money right away. So, how do you stay ahead of Google algorithm updates? Here is how:

1. Leverage website analysis tools to boost performance

You must use tools such as Moz and Google Trends to gain useful insight to figure out whether your website is performing or not. If it is fine, there is nothing like it, else, you will need to determine the shortcomings of your website and resolve the possible issues.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. You can enter a keyword (KW) or search phrase into Google Trends to understand where in the country or area, the visitors are looking for that specific word or KW. The other alternatives are the existing trends depending on search words or previous trends over the years.

When it comes to Moz tools, these offer valuable insight for website SEO criticism or feedback, the performance or efficiency of a site, backlink analysis, search phrase or KW recognition and website audits. All of these help you to stay abreast of Google’s algorithm updates.

2. Perform using quality content

Unique, informative, and quality content helps in adding value to your website and pleases your targeted users, and that isn’t ignored by Google’s artificial intelligence (AI). Today, your website will fail to rank in the SERPs based on KWs, links, or unauthentic sites. These websites have zero value except for referral or linking back purposes to the targeted site.

Google’s algorithms are smart enough to spot the distinction between a website that genuinely adds value, in comparison to a site that has the same, stale content or spammy KWs or search phrases. The search engine algorithms have the potential to identify weak website copy and can even punish your web page rankings, pushing your site deeper into the SERPs. Therefore, lead with quality content. Reap the maximum benefits out of SEO services New Jersey, because professionals know the essence of quality and user-friendly content.

As far as good content is concerned, it means premium information that is engaging, useful, informative, authoritative, reliable, and relevant.

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3. Internal and external links

Did you ever ask what modern-day SEO is and how it works? Optimization signifies driving quality traffic to your business website, and relevant links from reliable sources to improve your site performance or efficiency. You promote your business and website by resorting to internal linking with your website from website blogs, landing pages, sidebars, as well as

product pages. When visitors can navigate through your web pages easily, it not only means a great user interface but also helps in ranking your website higher in the SERPs.

When it comes to external links, these are equally essential, particularly in case of relevant and quality traffic. Now, such links are something like LinkedIn relationships, those you are familiar with or those you are in a healthy business relationship link. Other quality websites will link to your site because of relevant and quality content, outside blogs, product reviews, as well as industry-oriented information sharing.

4. Learn new things from the best in the industry

It is true that you know SEO; however, there is a person who knows more than you so that you can learn advanced SEO tactics from him. You can perform a Google search for something like this; “Best SEO influencers” or anything like, “Best SEO experts” and the results shown are identical.

You will come across names of SEO pros like Neil Patel, Barry Schwartz, Kristi Hines, and many more. You can read up their articles and blogs for new things that you do not know. These professionals write well-researched and authentic SEO content with proven results after implementation. These people use the most relevant KWs that work for a website and most importantly fresh, new content and something run-of-the-mill. Squeeze some time out of your busy schedule and read informative blogs written by the top SEO experts in the industry. You will benefit.

5. Switch to mobile

Today, more people use smartphones and iPads compared to computers with keyboards. When it comes to search, it is done using mobile devices and returns relevant search results, local and regional and most importantly accurate information compared to generic searches.

As far as previous Google updates are concerned, they have enhanced mobile search results as well as helped to rank mobile sites exclusively compared to desktop searches. When it comes to GPS tracking on smartphones or tablets, it helps in returning more local

and more precise results. It means that you should design mobile-first websites over everything else. That is because more users are looking for your website and information using their thumbs and not PC keyboards.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to stay ahead of Google algorithm updates, you can implement them to take your website performance to the next level.

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