Free PHT Coins: Complete Guide About Phoneum And Its Mobile Mining

Hello Friends, Welcome Back To TrickzGang, And Again I have Come Up With A New Guide That Will Helps You To Earn Money Through Your Mobile And This App is Cloud Earning PHT. In This Guide, I Will Provide You with Complete Solution Related To How To Get Free PHT Coins, What Is PHT Coins, How To Mine PHT Coins, And PHT Coin Mobile Mining Etc. 

So, If You Know Little About Cryptocurrency, Then You Will Familiar With This Coin, But If You Yet Not Know About It, Then Don’t Worry, In This Post, You Will Get A Complete Guide Related To It.

Before This Guide, I Have Provided A Complete Guide Related To “Brave Rewards To Earn BAT Coins”, I Hope You Read That Guide And You Used That To Earn Some Extra Money Through Your Smart. If You Are A New User, Then You Can Read That Guide By Visiting That Post.

But In This Particular Guide, We Will Only Discuss PHT (Phoneum) Token And How To Mine PHT Coin Using Your Smartphone. This Will Also Include A Guide That Will Help You To Earn Free PHT Coins By Referring Your Friends.

In This Guide We Will Also About The PHT Coin Prices In INR (Indian Rupees) And USD And Also Check It’s Future Predictions.

So, This Post is Going To Be One of The Best Guide Related To PHT Tokens And Its Future. So, If You Also Want To Earn Money Through your Phone In The Form of Cryptocurrency, Then This Guide Can Help You To Earn Some More.

Now, Let’s Start Our Guide With The Most Popular Question Is “What Is Phonenum Coins And Who Owns Them”. To Know Just Read The Below Section Information.

What Is Phoneum (PHT) Coin And Who Owns It?

Phoneum is A Decentralized Cryptocurrency That Only Operates On Mobile Via App. This Token Is Based On The TRON (TRX) And Powered By Custom Blockchain Technology. Similar  To Bitcoin And Other Crypto Currencies, PHT Also Supports Peer-To-Peer Transaction.

Phoneum Was Developed And Founded By The Ivan Likov And Currently He is Owning And Operating, Developing This Blockchain Technology To Grow The Value of Phonemum OR PHT Coin. After Banning From Apple And Android Store Their App, He Proved That Crypto Can Be Mined Through Mobile And They Launched Their Own Custom Blockchain Technology And Developed Various Games Over It And Provided Smartphone users A Way To Earn Free PHT Coins Through Their Mobile By Cloud Mining And Playing Games.

So, I Hope Now Your All Doubts Are Cleared Regarding PHT Token.

How To Earn Free 220 PHT Coins 2021

So, In This First Guide, I Will Tell You A Method Where You Can Claim Free 200 PHT Coins And This Code Is Working In 2021. This Offer/Promo Code is Only For New Users And You Can Claim It Only When You Have Signup A New Account. 

So, If You Are A New User To Phoneum Token, Then Just Follow The Below Steps And Get A Total of 220 PHT Coins In Your Account Free.

Step 1: Download Cloud Earning PHT App

To Get The Free 220 PHT Coins, You Have To Install The Cloud Earning PHT APK App On Your Device. You Can Download It Through the Play Store By Clicking Below Given Link below.

The Above Link Will Take You To The Play Store App Page, Click On Install And The App Will be Installed On Your Device Shortly.

Step 2: Open App And Register Account With Google OR Facebook

Cloud Earning PHT Login Page
Cloud Earning PHT Login Page

Now, After Installing The App, Open This App On Your Device And On The Homepage, You Will Get There Two Option To Sign In to Your Account. Don’t Worry, You Don’t Have Any Need To Sign Up for An Account, Just Click On Any Button To Sign in. If You Click On Sign In With Google Then It Will Fetch All Logged Gmail ID’s, Then Choose Your Personal Gmail ID.

Step 3: Accept The Terms And Conditions

Accept Terms And Conditions of Cloud Earning PHT
Accept Terms And Conditions of Cloud Earning PHT

On Your First Time Login, On Appearing Screen, It Will Asks You To Accept Their Terms And Conditions Through A Popup. When The Popup Appears, Then Click On the “I AGREE” button. And Start Sliding Further. OR You Can SKIP This By Clicking On “SKIP” Button That You Find On The Left Bottom Corner.

Step 4: Apply Promo Code/Referral Code

After Skipping All Guides/Tutorials, You Will See A Popup Window, And There You Will Get An Option To Enter A Promo Code. Now It’s The Option That Will Help You To Claim Free 200 PHT Tokens. There Enter The Below Given Cloud Earning PHT App Referral Code.

Cloud Earning PHT App Referral Code
Enter Referral Code To Earn Free PHT Coins

Cloud Earning PHT App Referral Code: 22jtbsrh

That’s It After Entering This Promo/Referral Code, You Will Get 200 PHT Tokens.

Step 5: Check Your Balance

That’s It, After Applying The Referral Code, You Will Get A Popup Notification That 200 PHT Tokens Will be Added To Your Wallet. You Can Check Your PHT Balance From The App Dashboard Header Section.

Free 200 PHT Coins Received
Free 200 PHT Coins Received

So, It’s A Complete Guide On How To Get 200 Free PHT Coins. Now It’s Time To Proceed To Our Next Guide On PHT Coin Mobile Mining, Read It To Start The PHT Mining On Your Device.

How To Mine Phoneum (PHT) Coin On Smartphone

To Mine PHT On Your Android OR iOS Device, You Have To Follow Below Steps. These Steps Will Start The PHT Coin Mobile Mining On Your Device. You Can Mine This Coin Without Putting Any Extra Load On Your CPU And GPU. This Will Not Also Affect The RAM. To Keep Your Mining Running, You Just Have To Keep This App Installed On Your Device.

To Start Mining On Your Phone, You Have To Follow The Above Steps That I Provided You To Get Free PHT Coins And Below Given Extra Steps. So, Here I Will Start The Process From Step 6.

Step 6: Click On Start Earning Button

Start PHT Cloud Mining

In Cloud Earning App, There Is A Button To Activate Cloud Mining Are Added. To Start The Automatic Mining Process You Have To Press That Button And Activate The Mining Function. To Start The PHT Coin Mobile Mining, You Have To Press Start Earning Button. You Will See Start Earning Button From Footer Notification Area. This Is The First Step To Start The Mining. This Will Open The Next Step Window On Your Device.

Step 7: Click On Regular Button

Starting Regular PHT Coins Mining
Starting Regular PHT Coins Mining

Currently, In Cloud Earning App, Phoneum App Developers Are Providing Two Types of Mining/Earning Regular And Premium. In This Guide, We Will Use Their Free OR Regular Option To Earn Free PHT Coins.

Step 8: Verify That Your PHT Coin Mobile Mining Is Running 

PHT Coins Mining Status
PHT Coins Mining Status

After Click On Regular Option Your Cloud Mining Will Start On Your Device, You Can See It Below By Checking The Footer Notification Widget Where You Will Get Details of Your Free PHT Coins That You Earned Through PHT Coin Mobile Mining. 

Step 9: Restart Mining Every Week

Once You Start The Online PHT Coin Mobile Mining It Will Automatically Run For 1 Week. You Have To Restart It Every Week By Following Step 6, Step 7, And Step 8. Enjoy Free PHT Coins Through This PHT Coin Mobile Mining.

How To Earn Free PHT Coins Through Refer And Earn: 1700 PHT Tokens/Refer

So, Now After Starting The PHT Coin Mobile Mining, It’s Time To Earn More Free PHT Coins By Referring Your Friends To Cloud Earning PHT App. Through Referring To Each Friend, You Can Earn 1700 PHT Tokens For Free. To Invite Your Friends On PHT Coin Mobile Mining App, Just Follow Below Steps.

Refer And Earn PHT Option Highlighted
Refer And Earn PHT Option Highlighted
  1. First of All, Launch The Cloud Earning PHT App On Your Device.
  2. Now From Dashback Click On Three Bars Menu (Available At Right Bottom Corner.
  3. This Will Take You To The Menu Options Page.
  4. There You Will Get Various Option To Change Your Settings, Deposit PHT, And Stack PHT And Many More.
  5. From That List Click On Invite And Earn PHT Option.
  6. This Will Take You To The Invite And Earn Offer Page, There You Will Get A Complete Guide Related To This Offer And Your Referral Code.
  7. Now Read All T&C And Then Use The Invite Button.
  8. This Will Open The Various Sharing Apps List On Your Dashboard And From Their Choose A Suitable App.
  9. Share Your Referral Code And Download Link With Your Friends Using That App.
  10. Now When They Download The App And Apply Your Promo Code They Will Get 200 Free PHT Coins And When They Complete The Earning Sessions, You Will Get Reward.
  11. That’s It, Enjoy The Earning Free PHT Tokens Through Invite And Earn Offer.
Could Earning PHT App Referral Page
Could Earning PHT App Referral Page

So, It’s A Complete Guide on How To Refer Your Friends To Earn PHT Coins.

How To Earn Free PHT Coins By Staking PHT

Now, After Mining a Minimum of 15000 PHT Tokens From PHT Coin Mobile Mining, It’s Time To Grow Our Speed To The Next Level of Earning PHT. To Grow Our Speed. Now We Use The Stacking Feature of The Cloud Earning PHT App. This Is Just Like Opening A FD Account in a Bank. There You Will Deposit Your Earned PHT Coins And Then You Will Get Interested On It. This Is Also A Good Option For You. To Stack, Your PHT Tokens, Just Follow Below Steps.

PHT Stake Option Highlighted
PHT Stake Option Highlighted
  1. First of All, Again Launch Cloud Earning PHT App On Your Device.
  2. Click On Three Bars Menu And Open The Various Menu Option.
  3. There You Will Get Option To “Stake PHT”.
  4. Click On It, This Will Take You To The Staking Page.
  5. There Enter Minimum 15000 PHT Amount And Click On “STAKE PHT” Button.
  6. That’s It, Your PHT Will be Staked And Now You Will Get Around 12% Per Year Staking Interest. 
Cloud Earning PHT App Stake Page
Cloud Earning PHT App Stake Page

So, These Are Steps To Stake PHT To Earn Some Free PHT Coins Through Interest.

Earn Free PHT Coins By Playing Games 

In Present Time, Everyone Loves To Play Games, But Do You Know That You Can Earn Money By Playing The Games Without Investment Any Joining Fee. The Developers of Phoneum Coins Also Launched Various Games, Where You Will Get PHT Coins Free If You Play Them On Your Device. To Earn Free PHT Tokens Through Playing Games, Just Follow Below Games.

Download The Games

To Earn Free PHT Coins By Playing Games, First of All, Download The All Games Provided And Developed By Phoneum Developers. To Download These All Games. Just Use The Below Given Buttons.

They Have One More Game To Play, But It’s Currently Unavailable At the Play Store. Whenever It Will be Available On Play Store, Then I Will Update It Here.

Open Games And Create Account

After Downloading All Games, Now Open Them On Your Device And Then Create A Game Account Using Your Gmail ID Or Facebook ID. As I Say Earlier, There Are No Sign-Up Buttons. Just Click On Login With Gmail/Facebook-Button And You Will Get Redirected To The Game Dashboard.

Enter The Referral Code

No To Get Some Extra Free Coins And To Get Help In Exchange The Cards To Boost Your Earning Add Me In Your Group. To Add Me In Your Group And To Get Help For Me, Add Me In Your Friend List Just By Using My Referral Code. Below Are My Referral Code.

Currently, There Are Only Referral Codes Available For Only 3 Games: Added Below

Crypto Treasures Referral Code: 22jtbsrh

Let the Crypto Treasures hunt begin! Enter my invitation code: 22jtbsrh to get a 200 Gold and 200 XP Bonus.

Green Karma Referral Code: 8rntauka

Play Green Karma and get rewarded with top cryptocurrencies while reducing real-life carbon emissions to help green projects operate!

Enter my invitation code: 8rntauka to get a 200 Oxygen and 200 XP Bonus.

Crypto Planet Referral Code: ex7wqyg8

Start your Crypto Planet adventure today! Enter my invitation code: ex7wqyg8 to get 200 Crystals and a 200 XP Bonus.

Play The Games And Complete The Tasks

Now Start Playing the Game. These Are Some Simple Games Where You Have To Play Some Card Games, Rock, scissors, Paper, Spin The Wheel, And Many Other Games. You Can Easily Understand The Game Process.

Now Play Daliy To Earn Maximum

Now, After Playing the First Time, There Are Some Limits of Free Chances That You Will Get every day. So, Keep Your Earing Maximize, Just Play These Games Daily And Keep Earning.

So, It’s A Complete Guide On How To Get Free PHT Coins By Playing The Games. Also, Invite Your Friends Using Your Referral Link To Earn More Free PHT Tokens.

PHT Coins Prices in USD And INR With Future Prediction

When I Am Writing This Post, Currently The Price of PHT Coins Are Around $0.00011451, Which Is Around ₹0.0085 In Indian Rupees. I Know Currently It’s Too Low And You Say, Why You Spend a lot of Time On It, But Remember It’s A Crypto, And If It’d Get Some Investor, Then You Can’t Imagine How Much These Prices are Can Hype. More Than That, You Can Also Change This Crypto In Other Currencies Like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Tron Etc. So, In Short, It’s Also A Good Idea To Earn Free Crypto.

Below Are A Chart That Will Show You To Future Prediction of Phoneum Coins

PredictionPrices In USDPrices In INR
1 Year0.0003860.027
5 Year0.001460.11
PHT Coin Future Prediction


So, If You Are Also Looking For A Small Coin To Investment Then This Is The Best Coin For You. But If You Want To Collect Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment, Follow The Above Given Guide.

Final Words:

So, This Was A Complete Guide On PHT Coin, How To Get Free PHT Coin, And PHT Coin Mobile Mining, Hope This Will Help You To Earn Some Free Cryptocurrency. If You Have Any Question Related To PHT Token, Then Comment Then Below. We Will Surely Reply to You With The Answers.

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