How To Activate Jio Caller Tune With Deactivate Guide ( 3 Methods)

How To Activate Jio Caller Tune With Deactivate Guide ( 3 Methods) –

Hello Friends, Welcome Back, Again I Come Up With A New Guide On How To Activate And Deactivate Jio Caller Tune.

Here I Provide You 3 Methods To Activate Caller Tune On Your Phone.

By Using These Method You Can Activate Easily Caller Tune On Your Jio Mobile Number.

As You, All Know, Jio Is Providing Many Premium Services In Free, CallerTune Is One From Them.

On Jio SIM You Can Easily Setup A Caller Tune On Your Number Without Paying Any Extra Charge For It.

But, Yet Not All Peoples Know About How To Activate Caller Tune On Their Phones, That Are Using JIO SIM.

If You Are Also One From Them, Then Don’t Worry, My This Post Will Help You To Easily Setup Caller Tuner On Your JIO Mobile Number.

Jio Caller Tune - Activation And Deactivation Guide

Before Launching of JIO SIM, IDEA, AIRTEL And Other Telecom Companies Charging Monthly Bill For Caller Tune.

And They Also Charge You For Changing The Song.

But In JIO, There Are No Monthly Charge For Caller Tune OR You Don’t Need To Pay Extra If You Want To Charge Your Caller Tune Song On Jio.

So, If You Are Searching For How To Activate And Deactivate JIO Caller Tune, Then Your Search Ends Here.

Here Is Complete Info About Activating And Deactivating It.

So, If You Have A JIO SIM Want And You Want To Activate And Deactivate Caller Tune On It, Then Just Follow Below Steps.

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How To Activate Jio Caller Tune ( 3 Methods) With Deactivate Guide

Below Are Three Methods To Activate JIO Caller Tune On Your JIO Sim. Here Is Their List.

  • Activating Caller Tune In JIO Using SMS
  • Using JIOSaavan App To Activate Caller Tune
  • Set Other Caller Tune As Your Caller Tune By Pressing *

To Help You With These Methods, Below I Created A Complete Guide With Images.

Just Read And Follow The Steps According To The Highlighted In Images.

Method 1. Activate Free Jio CallerTune With SMS

1. First of All, Open Messaging App On Your Device. If You Have VoLTE Supported Phone Then UseThe Default SMS App Otherwise If You Have A Non-VoLTE 4G Phone Then Use Jio4GVoice App.

2. Now In SMS Write/Type JT and Send it to 56789. If you want to Setup A your favorite Song As Caller Tune, Then Write That Massage like Below.

Sending 1st SMS For Song List

MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789

That’s It. Remember, You Need To Write It In Right Format And Send It Only To 56789.

3. After Few Seconds, You Will Receive Another Message in Your Inbox With ” Full Songs List ” Related To Your Entred Query.

4. Now Select Any Your Favourite Song with Number From That List and Send With His Number.

5. Then You Will Get A Confirmation About Your Selected Song. Lik Below.

song list recived as sms

6. After That, Soon, You will Get Another SMS for Final Confirmation. Then Just Reply With ” Y “ To That Message To Activate That Callet Tune.

6. Congrats !! By Following You have Successfully Activated free Callertune In jio SIM for 30 days. You, Will, Get A Massage Regarding It Like Below.

Caller Tune Activated Successfully

How To Activate Free Jio CallerTune With JioSaavn App

JioSaavan App Method is Another Method To Activate The Free Jio CallerTune In Your Jio SIM.

This One Is Bit Easy And Very Popular Nowadays With Jio Users To Activate Caller Tune.

Because Using This Method You Can Set Caller Tune On Your JIO Sim With Just One Click.

As You All Know That JioMusic App is Rebranded As JioSaavn App. So, Now We Have to Use JioSaavn App, If We Want To Set Callertune.

So, Just Follow The Below Steps And You Will Have The Free CallerTune On Your Number.

1. First Of All, Just Download And Install The JioSaavn App On Your Phone From Play Store.

2. Now, Open/Launch The App On Your Device And Login With Your JIO SIM OR Using Your Jio Id And Password To Your JioSaavan Account.

JioSaavan App Dashboard

3. The From App Dashboard, Just Make The Search For Your Favourite Song Of Any Album Or Singer.

JioSaavan App Dashboard

4. After Finding Your Favorite Song, Click On It, There You Will See The 3 Dots Menu Below The “Song Cover Photo”. Just Click On Them.

JioSaavan App Song Cover And Three Dot

5. Clicking Will Expanded That Menu. Then You Will See A Option “Set As Jio CallerTune” There, Then Just Click On That Option.

6. Bingo !! You Have Selected Your Favourite Song To Set Your Jio CallerTune And Activated It Successfully. Soon You Will Get A Confirmation SMS Regarding It.

Caller Tune Activated Through JioSaavan App

7. In Future, You Can Change The Caller Tune Song Anytime By Just Following Above Steps Again.

That’s It !! Enjoy Caller Tune Successfully Activated On Your Number.

Method 3. Set Other’s CallerTune as Your Jio Caller Tune

1. First of All, Just Call Any Jio User, You Wish to Copy His Callertune.

2. Now When Your Call Getting Connected And Caller Tune Is Ringing, Just Press ” * ” From Your Keyboard, Before He/She Pickup Your Call. Like Highlighted In Below Image.

Pressing Key During Call

3. Then, You Will Receive A Confirmation Access Message From Jio Regarding Your Subscription Action.

Cinfiramtion SMS Fron JIO

4. Now, Just Reply With ” Y ” Within 30 Minutes To Activate Caller Tune On Your Number.

5. Done !! After Relying With Y, You Will, Receive another Message From Jio.

6. That Will Confirm That Your Caller Tune Has Activated Successfully For 30 Days. Like Highlighted In Below Image.

Caller Tune Activation Massage

7. Done !! You Have Successfully Activated Caller Tune On Your Number.

So, These Are Some Methods To Activate Caller Tune On Your JIO SIM.

But Now We Discuss On How To Deactivate Caller Tune From Your Number.

How to Deactivate Jio CallerTune In Free Jio 4G SIM

For Any Reason, If You Didn’t Like the Recent Caller Tune And You Want to Change it Or Deactivate It from Your SIM.

Then Here Are A Guide Related To That Process?

Just Follow Below Steps And Deactivate Your Caller Tune.

  1. First Open Massanging App On Your Device.
  2. Now Compose A New SMS And Write STOP As Massage In It.
  3. Then Send it to 56789.
  4. Soon, You Will Get A SMS Confirmation Regarding Deactivating Your Caller Tune.

Done, You Have Successfully Deactivated The Caller Tune From Your JIO Mobile Number

Question And Answers Related To Jio Caller Tune

How Can I Set Caller Tune On Jio?

In This Post, We Added 3 Working Methods To Set Caller Tune On Jio. Read Them And Follow There Given Steps. You Can Easily Set Caller Tune On JIO.

How Do I Choose A Jio Tune?

Here We Listed 3 Methods To Set Your Desired/Favorite Song As Jio Tune. Just Read And Follow Them.

How Much Jio Caller Tunes Cost?

Jio Caller Tunes Are Free. You Have No Need To Pay Any Monthly Charges.

How Do I Change My JIO Caller Tune Song?

Want To Change Song of Your JIO Caller Tune, Then Here Are two Methods, Just Use Them And Set A New Song As Your JIO Caller Tune.


So, This Is A Complete Guide On How To Activate And Deactivate Caller Tune of Your Jio SIM.

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