Nine essentials for starters when working on search engine optimization

Isn’t search engine optimization (SEO) interesting?

People often take it for granted but digital marketing professionals don’t.


Because it is one of the main functioning cogs of the digital marketing machine. 

At times, those who have just started their work in SEO get confused with the information overload.

A truckload of tactics can daunt employees from practicing their skills.

As scary as it sounds, the experience is rather friendly when it comes to learning more about search engine optimization (SEO).

Nine essentials for starters when working on search engine optimization

Here are some essential points beginners must follow if they are to work in search engine optimization (SEO) nicely:

Optimize the website for mobile platform

When beginning with SEO, optimizing websites for the mobile platform is critical.

An upcoming SEO strategy cannot ignore optimizing for the mobile platform.

Test the website’s performance & load speed across all devices.

SEO today is about understanding customers on mobile and their search habits when compared to desktop users.

Understanding the way users search on search engines

It has never been a bad idea testing keywords, but today’s SEO tactics focus more on understanding the user’s search intent.

Keywords aren’t effective enough to bring traffic to a website.

A long-term SEO strategy relies on the search intent of users and the reasoning behind those searches.

Once it’s understood how their target audience is using search engines, then they will be able to optimize their website effectively. 

Not only are searches becoming dynamic today but also professionals must understand how optimization affects their search traffic.

They must also apply more conversational queries in their keywords.

Never neglect the human touch

An effective SEO strategy does not overlook the human element in website optimization.

Be audience-centric, make content interesting & relevant so they can read more about it.

Once an understanding of needed content is developed, then its time to focus on optimization. 

Optimize that content so it reaches higher rankings in the SERPs.

What matters more than just keywords is the relevance and quality of the content.

Analyze the existing search traffic

The best way to start in terms of content testing is by having a very good look at the current search traffic.

Check the best-performing pages and the keywords the audience uses.

Analyze the top-performing posts.

Check out what makes them evergreen.

Think of ways to update them.

Such can help you update your content calendar with relevant ease.

Be abreast with the latest trends in SEO

If one wants to have full proficiency in SEO, they need to stay up to date with the latest trends and algorithm updates that can positively impact their tactics.

It’s useful to keep reading about every new skill acquired to stay abreast of any recent changes.

Study the most imperative ranking aspects

When being in the loop about the latest SEO updates, also start reading about all ranking aspects that affect the website’s ranking in the SERPs.

It helps create relevance and using the right keywords in relation to the page speed and usage of backlinks.

Its always good to learn about all ranking aspects that impact SEO tactics.

Do not forget the power of user experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is becoming quite important for SEO each passing year, thanks to the evolution of Google.

Such has also resulted in search results becoming more personalized with the goal of offering top-notch experience to users. 

Content relevance is significant, but it goes hand in hand with appealing user experience to make sure the audience keeps reading. 

Determine the link between SEO & Social Media

It’s important to find the link between SEO and social media.

Social media is a daily occurrence in our lives, and it defines the online presence & authority of people. 

Google has started integrating social results to search for answers to provide a complete idea of an online presence.

It not only helps index more content in search results, but it also helps present the right answers to users’ questions in the shortest possible time.

Understand voice search

Consumers are now adapting to searching through voice commands.

Search optimization should adapt to a new kind of search intent.

Voice search is still nascent now.

However, it is still important to understand the difference between text & voice commands. 

Over to you

The more developers think as consumers, the higher the chances they answer their question in the most relevant.

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