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Paytm Wallet Offers – Get Free Cash, Cashback And Recharge

Paytm Wallet Offers To Get Free Paytm Cash, Recharge And Cashback On Bill Payment

Paytm Wallet Offers – Get Free Cash, Cashback And Recharge:-

Hello Friends, Welcome Back, Again I Come Up With A List Of Paytm Wallet Offers.

You Can Use These Offers To Get Free Recharge, Free Paytm Cash/Money And Free Products From Paytm Mall.

These Offers And Cashback Paym Launch To Attract Visitors, To Make Them A Active Users And To Give Some Cashback And Discount Benefits To Their Users.

These All Paytm Wallet Offers Are Released By Paytm And They Will Control Their Use.

Sometimes They Launch A Offer Only For Some Selected Users According To Their Status Like Only For New Users And Sometimes They Launch A Offer For All Paytm Users.

Paytm Wallet Offers

If Some Paytm Wallet Offers Are Only For Some Specified Users, Then Only Those Users Can Use Them That Fulfil Their Required T&C.

So, In This Post, I Give You A Complete Guide On What Are Paytm Wallet Offers, How To Check Your Paytm Wallet Offers And How To Use Them In Your Account.

To Use All Paytm Wallet In Your Account, You Need To Complete Paytm Mini-KYC.

If You Don’t Know How To Complete It, Then Just Follow Below Link, You Will Find A Complete Guide There.

Paytm Mini-KYC Guide

So, This Will Help You To Complete Your Paytm Mini-KYC.

After That, You Can Use Any Promo Code In Your Account To Get Cashback. Without Mini-KYC, You Will Get Only Goldback, After Deducting 3% GST.

So, To Save This, We Will Update Our KYC Status To Mini-KYC.

Some Wallet Offer Like, Paytm UPI Offers Need Full KYC To Get Cashback And Use Services.

To Update You KYC Status To Full KYC, Visit Nearest Paytm Store.

A Brief Guide On Paytm Offers And Methods To Use Them Are Added Below. Just Follow Them All And You Will Get Cashback And Free Recharge.

What Is A Paytm Wallet Offer?

Paytm Wallet Offers Are Those Offers That You Will Get On Using Paytm Wallet.

By Using These Offers You Will Get Cashback On Your Recharge, Bill Payment OR Other Payments Like Tuition Fee And Payments To A Shopkeeper.

But To Get This Cashback You Need To Use Paytm Wallet To Pay Money For All These Payments.

More Then That, It Will Also Includes Offer For Other Online Stores, If You Use Paytm Wallet To Purchase From Those Stores, Then You Will Get Cashback And discount.

So, all offers that you will get by using paytm wallet, Those are called Paytm Wallet offers.

How can I check my Paytm wallet offer?

  1. To Check, First of All, You Need To Go To The Paym Official Website OR You Need to install the paytm app on your device.
  2. Then Open App And Login To Your Paytm Account.
  3. Then Home Screen, You Will See Many Places, Where You Will Found Images Related To The Paytm Wallet Offers.
  4. Like, Highlighted In Image 1 Below.
  5. Just Slide These Images To Check More Paytm Wallet Offers. I Added A Videos Related To It.

Images Related To These Steps

Paytm Apps Wallet Offers Places

So, To Find Best Paytm Wallet Offers, Just Follow These Steps In Your Paytm Account.

How can I get free Paytm wallet money?

To Get Free Paytm Wallet Money, You Have To Use Some Free Paytm Promo Codes Like FREE10, FREE20, And FFREE40.

But these all codes are valid only for new users and used once in every account.

Terms an Conditions of these promo codes change often like sometimes you can use these promo codes to get free cashback in paytm wallet, but sometimes these can be used to get free gold.

Actually free gold is also a good option of earning money in paytm wallet.

You can sell this gold to get cash in your bank account or paytm payments bank account.

But to earn paytm money is not limited to these promo codes, You can use some earning apps to earn free paytm cash.

Recently we shared A list of best apps on your blog.

You can read this list by visiting the below link.

List of Apps To Earn Paytm Cash

Just Use There Listed Apps Daily On Your phone and you can easily earn paytm money daily.

So, these are some best methods to earn paytm money for free.

How can I get promo code in Paytm?

Actually There Are Many Ways To Get Promo Codes In Paytm. These All Will Work In Paytm.

After Using Each Method You Will Get A Different Promo Code To Use.

So, Below Are Some Best Methods To Fid Promo Code In Paytm App.

How To Get Promo Codes In Paytm Wallet?

  1. Looking OR Searching In Paytm App
  2. Completing Paytm Cashback Offers
  3. Completing Tasks On 3rd Party Websites
  4. Buying Products From Paytm Mall

To Know More About It, Read Below Guide. There I Write A Complete Guide On These Methods.

By Looking/Searching In Paytm App

The First Method Is Looking On The Offers Page.

Like I Told You Above, You Can Find Many Offers On Paytm App And Website Dashboard.

Some of Them Contains Unique Promo Codes That You Need To Apply To Grab That Cashback OR Discount.

Completing Paytm Cashback Offers

In Paytm, Just Click On Cashback Icon From Right Side Upper Corner of Screen.

On Next Page, You Will See A List of Cashback Offer, Like Highlighted Below.

Select They Cashback Offer Type That You Can Complete.

Then On Next page, you will see many offers related to that cashback offer type.

Now choose a cashback offer and complete that.

You will get a unique promo code that you can use during recharge bill payment and during paying a shopkeeper.

Completing Tasks In 3rd Party Apps

Many apps directly give you paytm cash in your wallet.

but many other apps give you a chance to win paytm promo codes that you can use to get cashback on your recharge and payments.

UCBrowser Offers Are a good example of these type apps because it provides you a promo code to get discount on recharge and bill payments.

Buying Products from Paytm Mall?

Sometimes Paytm not directly gives you cashback OR discount on buying products from paytm mall.

it will issue a unique code that you can use to get free cash in your wallet by adding money option or to get cashback on recharge or bill payment.

so, these are some methods to get promo codes in paytm.

What is Promocode in Paytm?

A promo code is a code, issued by A Company to provide some benefits to their users after completing some minimum requirements.

Often these are issued by paytm. but to increase users some 3rd party websites and applications also issue them.

Paytm promo code is only work in paytm and helps you to get some free paytm cash or cashback on recharge and bill payment.

FFREE20, FREE10, And NEW20 Are Some Good Examples of Paytm Promo Codes.

Promo codes are often released to attract visitors and to increase sale and service uses.

Paytm Promo Codes Features

Below Are Some Features of Paytm Promo Codes.

  • Only Usable On Paytm App OR Official Website
  • Issued By Only Paytm And Sponserd Websites
  • Valid Only For Paytm Users
  • Redeemed Only Once In One Account
  • Comes With Some T&C To Use
  • Help You To Get Cashback On Recharge And Payment
  • Gives You Free Paytm Cash
  • By Using, You Will Get Discount On Products.

So, These Are Some Features of Paytm Promo Codes.

How can I redeem my Paytm code?

Before Redeem a promo code, read it’s terms and conditions carefully and if you complete all requirements then use it in your account.

Because every promo code comes with a Unique and some basic terms and conditions, like some offers are only valid for new users and others for all users.

so, if you think that you qualify the minimum requirement of a promo code then you can use below steps to use or redeem it.

Requirements To Redeem Promo Codes

  • Official App OR Website
  • An Account
  • Mini-KYC Done
  • If using the app, then the latest version installed
  • Registered Mobile Number And Email ID
  • Account Should Be Eligible For Apply That Code

So, If You Fulfil These Some Basic Requirements Then Follow Below Steps.

Steps To Redeem Paytm Free Wallet Cash Codes

  1. 1. First of All, Download And Install Latest Version of Paytm App On Your Device.
  2. Now Login To Your Account.
  3. Then Go To The Add Money Option. (Highlighted In Below Image 1)
  4. There Select Paytm Wallet. (Highlighted In Below Image 2)
  5. Then Enter The Amount According To The T&C Of Promo Code
  6. Click On “Have A Promo Code?” Option. (Highlighted In Below Image 3)
  7. Enter Promo Code And Click On Apply Button. (Highlighted In Below Image 4)
  8. After Applying Promo Code Click On Proceed To Add Money.
  9. If Required Use A Payment Method And Pay The Amount.
  10. That’s Is You Have Successfully applied a paytm add money promo code.

Images Related To Applying Promo Codes In Paytm

Image 1

Add Money Option Highlighted In Paytm

Image 2

Paytm Wallet Option Highlighted

Image 3

Have A Promo Code Options Highlighted In Paytm

Image 4

Steps To Redeem Cashback And Discount Promo Codes

  1. Open Paytm Wallet OR Paytm Mall App On your device.
  2. now go to the product page or recharge page.
  3. There select your product or initiate a new recharge.
  4. on the payment page, you will found an option to apply promo code.
  5. there enter the promo code and complete the payment.
  6. That’s it, enjoy free cashback or discount in your paytm wallet/Account.

How To Use Paytm Wallet Offers?

Using Paytm Wallet Offers Are Same As Using Paytm Promo Codes.

But If You Want To Know Then Here Are A Guide On It.

It’s A Complete Guide, So, You Can use it in paytm and paytm mall app.

  1. First of All, Download The Latest Version of Paytm OR Paytm Mall App In Which You Want To Use These Paytm Wallet Offers. Click Here To Download Paytm App Click Here To Download Paytm Mall App
  2. Actually, It’s Not Nussecery To Download Paytm Mall App Because Paytm App Contains A Option And Features of Paytm Mall.
  3. You, Will, Find It In Footer Menu.
  4. Now Open The Paytm OR Paytm Mall App On Your Device.
  5. After That, Using Your Email ID And Password, Login To Your Paytm Account.
  6. Then after login, if you are using paytm mall app, then select the product that you want to buy.
  7. Otherwise, if you are using paytm features, then select a mobile recharge or any bill payment or fee payment option.
  8. Then There enter the details of your product or service.
  9. like if you are using paytm For Mobile Recharge then enter info like mobile number, network operator, and state, recharge amount, etc.
  10. OR if you are using the paytm mall then choose the info like size, quantity, color, etc.
  11. And click on continue to proceed to the payment page.
  12. On payment page Click on have a promo code and apply the promo codes that you get through paytm.
  13. If you are using then just select it, from the available offers list, like shown in below image.
  14. OR if you are using paytm app then click on Apply PromoCode Option.
  15. Then Use A Suitable Payment Method Like UPI, Netbanking OR Debit/Credit Card And Complete The Payment.
  16. That’s It, Now Enjoy The Discount If You Are Using Paytm Mall OR Cashback If You Are Using Paytm.
  17. Cashback Will Be Credited To Your Account Within 24 Hours.

List of September 2019 Paytm Wallet Offers

So, Below Are A List of Promo Codes That You Can Use In Paytm As Wallet Offers.

These Offers Comes with some terms and conditions that I added below. so read and use them if you are eligible.

Paytm Free Cash Wallet Offers

Below are some free paytm cash promo codes. use them to get free paytm cash in your wallet.

  • FREE10 – Free Rs 10 Paytm Cash
  • FIRST20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cash
  • PAYTM20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cash
  • NEW30 – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cash
  • FREE20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cash
  • FREE15 – Free Rs 15 Paytm Cash
  • GET5 – Free Rs 5 Paytm Cash

Terms And Conditions of These Free Cash offers

  1. Valid Only For New Users.
  2. Valid Once In A Account.
  3. You Can Use Only On 1st Payment.
  4. Mini KYC Required.
  5. You Can Use It To Get GoldBack.
  6. Cashback Will be Added Within 24 Hours.
  7. Valid Only On Adding Money, Not On Recharge OR Bill Payment.

Paytm Cashback Wallet Offers On RechargeOR Bill Payment

Now if you used all paytm add money offers in your wallet, then its time to get free recharge or cashback on recharge from paytm.

So, Below are some Paytm Wallet Offers that you can use To get free Recharge or cashback on your recharge or bill payment.

Paytm Promo Codes To Get Cashback On Recharge

  • THIRTY – Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Rs 30 Recharge
  • GRAB20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cashback On Rs 20 Recharge
  • PAYTMJIO – Free Rs 10 Paytm Cashback On JIO Recharge
  • FIRST – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Rs 30 Recharge
  • NEWJIO – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cashback On Rs 148 Jio Recharge
  • MONTHLY20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cashback In Recharge
  • MONTHLY30 – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Rs 30 Recharge

Paytm Promo Codes To Get Cashback On Bill Payment

  • NEWBILL – Rs 25 Paytm Cashback On Rs 300 Postpaid Bill Payment
  • NEXTBILL– Free Rs 25 Paytm Cashback On Rs 250 Bill Payment
  • AIRTEL30– Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Rs 100 OR More Airtel DTH Recharge
  • THIRTY – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Rs 30 Bill Payment
  • DTHNEW – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On DTH Recharge (10% of Amount)
  • MONTHLY20 – Free Rs 20 Paytm Cashback On Minimum Rs 20 Bill Payment
  • MONTHLY30 – Free Rs 30 Paytm Cashback On Minimum Rs 30 Bill Payment

Other Bill Payment And Movies Paytm Wallet Offers

  • MOVIEBUFF – Rs 200 Paytm Cashback On 1 Movie Ticket Booking
  • BUSA50 – Free Rs 150 Paytm Cashback On Bus Ticket Booking
  • FLY– Free Rs 1000 (3% of The Amount) Paytm Cashback On Flight Ticket Booking
  • BUS150 – Free Rs 1500 Paytm Cashback On Booking Bus Ticket
  • WINTERBUS – Free Rs 251 Paytm Cashback On Rs 500 Bus Ticket Booking
  • FLYBACK – Free Rs 5000 Off On Flight Ticket Booking
  • DEN – Free Rs 50 Paytm Cashback On Minimum Rs 393 Den Broadband Bill Payment

So, These Are Some Paytm Wallet Offers On Recharge And Bill Payment. But These Also Come With Terms And Conditions.

Below Are A Terms And Conditions. Read And Complete These T&C.

Terms And Conditions on Recharge And Bill Payment offers

  1. Some Offers Are Valid Only For Selected Users.
  2. Some Offers Are Avail Only For New Users.
  3. Many of These Comes With Minimum Payment Amount.
  4. Expiry Date of These Offers Is Different.
  5. Please Verify That Promo Code Work In Your Account Before Make Payment.

FAQ’s Related To Paytm Promo Codes And Offers

How To Find Best Paytm Wallet Offers?

In This Post, Above I Provided You A Detailed Guide Abou It. Read It To Find Best Wallet Offers.

How To Use Paytm Wallet Best Offers?

In This Post, I Provided You A Complete And Step By Step Guide To Use These Offers And Promo Codes. Read That Carefully And Use It.

Who Can Use These Paytm Wallet Offers?

These Paytm Wallet Offers Are Valid For Paytm Users, But Some of Them Are User Specific. So, Check Every Code In Your Account.

If Any Promo Code Work And Applied Successfully, Then You Are Eligible for That Offer.

Requirements To Use These Paytm Wallet Offers?

You Need A Mini KYC Verified Paytm Wallet And That Will Eligible To Use A Specific Promo Code In It.

What Benefits User Will Get By Using These Paytm Wallet Offers?

User Will Get Free Cash In Their Paytm Wallet, Cashback On Recharge And Bill Payment And Discount On Some Products.


So, There Is A Complete List of Paytm Wallet Offers And Methods To Use Them.

Just Find the best offers by using the above-given guide and save some money on your recharge and bill payments.

If you are a shopping lover then use paytm wallet offers to get some extra discount on your shopping.

Hope this will help you to get and use best paytm wallet offers and save your money.

Now It’s Your Turn, Just Use This Guide And Save Money. Don’t Forget To Share Your Experience With This Guide By Commenting Below.

Also, Share It With Your Friends To Help Them.


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