Spotify Mod APk Latest V8.7.48.1062(premium Unlocked ) 2022

Spotify Mod APk Latest V8.7.48.1062 (premium Unlocked ) 2022

We have been listening to music since time immemorial; as time changed, the way of listening to music changed. In the beginning, people used to listen to the song while working in the fields. But as time passed, he started singing harmony in the chapel where people used to listen to music like folk songs, Ragni, and Sangs.

And later, when the radio came, there was also developed in the field of music. And this music started to be heard in the house.

Movie songs also started listening to it. After this, when TV came, it significantly impacted the people. Because people are now watching music along with listening, and people started enjoying it to the fullest by watching and listening to classical music along with folk songs and movie songs on TV. After, many new devices for listening to music came like the walkman, tape recorder, mp3, and many more.

 And now that smartphones and the internet have come, everyone can listen to and watch music wherever they want because there are many apps available on the play store for this today. And today, we have come up with a related app for music; the name of the App is Spotify Music App.

What You Will Get In This Post

About Spotify Music App

As we all know, Spotify is a music app for your Android smartphone. And this App was created so that Android users can enjoy audio streaming and media services while on the go. However, what sets Spotify apart from other mediocre products is that it delivers high-quality songs and a premium experience for all music lovers.

 With Spotify, users can enjoy listening to their favorite songs and podcast sessions at the highest audio quality. And thus, you get a much more satisfying and enjoyable experience whenever you listen to Spotify with headphones on.

Homepage of Spotify apk
Homepage of Spotify apk

In addition, each song in the Spotify app will be properly organized and categorized so that you can quickly navigate through them and find your favorite music or audio. And you can always access fresh new, famous songs from this App with a frequently updated library. This App will always have thousands of songs from your favorite artists ready to enjoy.

Download Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062

The Spotify mod apk v8.7.48.1062 is a modded and free version of the Spotify app. In spotidy premium apk , you will get free and many such features, which you will get premium or paid in real Spotify. In this mod apk, you will get enabled premium membership which means you will not have to spend any money for its subscription. 

You don’t have to worry about the interface of Spotify Mod Apk, as this App will provide you with the same interface as the original Spotify application. So the interface of this mod is as simple as the interface of Spotify. The most important thing about spotidy premium apk v8.7.48.1062 is that you don’t need to pay anything to listen to your favorite music.

If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your phone with Spotify Mod Apk, this application is monitored by our technical team, and Spotify Mod Apk is 100% virus-free. So to enjoy this free mod apk, download it from our article, and the direct download link is given below.

Info Of This Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062

Name Spotify Mod Apk
Publisher Spotify Ltd.
 Genre Music & Audio
 Size 55 MB
 Version v8.7.48.1062
Requirements Android 5.1
MOD Premium Unlocked 
Rating 3.9/5 
Price              FREE
Info Of This Spotify Mod Apk

feature of Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062

In this Mod APk, you can listen to music with high-quality audio sound. The unique feature of Spotify Mod Apk is that you don’t need to pay anything to listen to your favorite audio without ads. And on this App, you can enjoy many online music songs and podcasts without disrupting ads.

In Spotify Mod Apk, you can find many of your favorite music. And in this, you can create a playlist for yourself, in which you can keep the audio of your choice. You can choose from a variety of generated playlists and enjoy quality music. You can select the song for your particular activity, whether a student or worker level. you can listen your favorite singer songs here shown in the image.

Favorite artists on Spotify mod apk
Favorite artists on Spotify mod apk

In the mod apk, you can listen to the music of tracks, albums, podcasts, movies, and games, and you can download your favorite music collection to your android device. Some of these exciting features are given in detail below.

1. Huge music library

Spotify mod apk has a massive amount of music for all you users, its looks like a music player. There’s every type of music for you to choose from, from thousands of playlists to suit every mood, genre, culture, activity, and frequency-based play. In Spotify Mod Apk, you can create your music or podcast and search for other users’ collections. 

music library on Spotify
music library on Spotify

In addition, this Mod Apk has tons of exciting podcasts on thousands of different topics. Spotify premium apk contains a list of many famous Bollywood, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and new and old songs. And in this mode, you can listen to many types of music like Indian Classical, Romance, K-pop, Hip-Hop, Flock, and many more.

2. Ad-free music streaming

One of the best features of the Spotify Premium mod apk v8.7.48.1062 is that there is no ad blockage. Because in today’s run-of-the-mill life, no one wants to get caught in the cycle of these advertisements. Because these ads consume both your time and data, these boring ads bore us.

And sometimes jam, we listen to our favorite track, podcast, or song on it, and suddenly we feel miserable when ads come. Because music is a good part of everyone’s life, no one wants to spoil their minds between commercials. You can enjoy every one of your favorite tracks, podcasts, or premium content on this MOD APk without any ad blockages.

3. No Need To Buy Premium Membership 

Spotify is a paid app, and its plan is as follows. Spotify’s plan will cost you 119.00 INR monthly or 1189.00 INR yearly. You will also get plans starting from INR 13.00 per day.

And if you need a plan for using two users at a time, then that is also available, its name is Deo, and the price of the Spotify app plan is 149.00 INR per month.

Spotify also has a family plan but requires all six users to live under one roof. And kids can also use the Spotify Kids app, and kids can find content that’s right for them. This Spotify Family Membership will cost you 179.00 INR per month.

And if you’re a student, you can take advantage of a grand exception by your college or university ID. And you can get these enormous features for just 59.00 INR per month by just uploading your ID on Spotify.

But there is no need for all this, and you can download the Spotify mod apk v8.7.48.1062. Because this mod apk is free, you do not need any premium membership after downloading it.

4. Unlimited Offline Download

In the Spotify app, you can only listen to songs or podcasts online and cannot download any songs. And if you want to download, you must take premium membership. 

But no more because with this Spotify mod apk v8.7.48.1062, you can download music as many songs as you want because there is no limit to downloading songs in this mod app. In this mod, you will get virtual space to download songs to Spotify, and you can listen to Village Offline whenever you want.

But if you switch to an app other than Spotify Mod Apk or uninstall the Spotify mod app, the offline songs or data will be automatically deleted. So download this mod apk and download and listen to your favorite music whenever you want.

5. Premium Sound Quality

The music quality in the Spotify app is based on your money because the Spotify app classifies its users as paid or unpaid. It gives excellent quality sound up to 320kbps to its premium users. And if you are a new user of the Spotify app or a free plan user, you will get sound quality up to 160kbps.

But after using Spotify premium apk v8.7.48.1062, you will experience excellent sound quality up to 320Kbps on all songs or music only, Which you can see on this mod apk after switching to a free account without paying a single penny. So download this mod apk and enjoy listening to every favorite song or podcast in high-quality sound for free.

6. Create Your Playlists

Nowadays, many people like to listen to music on earphones or iPods while working, and you can always change your mind and listen to your favorite music while working. If you are also one of those users, don’t worry; Spotify MOD APK v8.7.48.1062 is the solution, as this mod apk has the advantage that you can create your favorite playlist on this music streaming platform.

your favorite playlist on Spotify mod apk

What is a playlist? That is, in this, you can list the music of your choice and add it to the Apk, In this playlist, you can make a list of famous songs of your favorite singer, and if you start the playlist at the first point, then all the songs will start playing one by one. So download this mod apk now, and you can also make a playlist in this Spotify apk v8.7.48.1062, and you can do your work while listening to music.

How to download and install the Spotify Mod apk v8.7.48.1062

You can download the Spotify app directly from the play store, but you have to download the Spotify mod from the browser. The download of this mod apk is a problem, and we solve your problem in the below describes how to download and install this mod apk.

  1. First, you must uninstall the Spotify app you downloaded from the play store earlier.
  2. After that, click on the “Spotify premium Apk v8.7.48.1062 Download” button on this page. Now the downloading of your apk will start in a few seconds. After the Apk download is finished, open the APK file you downloaded.
  3. And now click on your “Mobile Settings” option and turn on “Allow from this source,” then go back.
  4. And now click on Download Apk, and a pop-up will open on that you have to click on Install.
  5. Wait a few seconds, and this Apk Mod is installed on your smartphone.
  6. Now open the Spotify apk v8.7.48.1062, enjoy its beautiful features, and listen to your favorite music.

Pros and Cons

Be it any apk or anything else, and anything has some good and some bad, we will also discuss the pros and cons of this Spotify apk v8.7.48.1062. I will also tell you what the application’s advantages and disadvantages are so that we can consider it.

Pros of this Mod Apk

  • The Spotify mod app is straightforward to use.
  • You can use this App for free and premium users in Spotify mod.
  • You can also use the Spotify premium Apk on a PC, a Mac, an Android device, or an iOS device.
    • The sound quality in the Mod apk is much better.
  • Premium account in Spotify Mod Apk also allows you offline mode.
  • The operation in mod apk is greatly improved.

Cons Of Spotify Mod Apk

  • The lyrics option has been removed from this modifier.
  • Spotify mod apk v8.7.48.1062 is available in minimal countries. Spotify Apk is not available in every country.
  • This Spotify app has many drawbacks, including being very expensive and extremely expensive.
  • Offline content in Spotify app Also, you do not have access to offline content in case of termination of the subscription.

FAQs Of Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062

Q. 1 Is there MOD APK for Spotify?

Yes, Spotify also has mod apk, in Spotify Mod Apk you can use all premium features for free you will not get any ads in this App, and you can download as many songs of your favorite singer as you want for free, so now Download it from our page, the link is given above.

Q.2 How do I unlock Spotify Premium for free?

We all know that the premium of the Spotify app is very demanding, and we have to buy it again and again because the mod version of this App is also available so that you can use its premium feature for free. The direct link of Spotify Mod Apk We have given above on this page.

Q.3 Is Spotify free forever?

As long as you download the Spotify mod apk v8.7.48.1062 for free. you will enjoy all the premium benefits in Spotify Mod Apk for a lifetime. Its sound is fantastic, and the App knows no bounds! OK, and read this page to download this mod.


It is the full explanation of this Spotify mod Apk v8.7.48.1062 In this mod, you can play multiple genres of music content like Top Hits, Top50, Romance Hits, Top Song Global, and Rock classics, etc. you can listen to your favorite singer’s all songs here free of Spotify Apk. you can achieve the best music listening experience

Download and install Spotify Mod App v8.7.48.1062 from this article on this site. In this audio category, you will be able to enjoy free, ad-free music and feel even happier to see the premium benefits of it all. you do not have to spend anything on all these features.

So, This Is A Complete Guide On Downloading the Latest Spotify Mod App v8.7.48.1062 And Installing it On Your Smartphone And PC. If You Like This Guide, Then Share It With Your Friends And Don’t Forget To Follow Us On Social Media Platforms